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Musfiqur Rahman Subho thinks himself a student of journalism upto the expiry of life


Staff Repoter :: Musfiqur Rahman Subho, the name of a dreamy person, like to dream and make a man dreamt. A hobby of Musfiqur Rahman Subho is built with newspaper and industry of publication since the boyhood with reference to his family. He has come in touch with the platform of journalism by this reference and movement with distinguished persons involved in this industry at only own residence. He used to mostly learn A, B, C, D of the newspapers and publication industry like knowledge of letter. His initiation was launched in the hands of the distinguished journalists of country as a child of journalist family.

His enthusiastic emotion in journalism and writing articles or columns drew him towards this profession from boyhood and his writing exercise initiated from early stage of school life. Different newspaper officers turned into his playground in his deep attentive addiction of core insight by inspiration of his father and mother. He spent all times in any newspaper office beyond study. Father-uncle aged senior writer and journalists began to be his friend in lieu of his classmate since school life and used to continue his duty as associate of public media.

He got opportunity of a part time job of a fortnightly magazine to boost his life care in college life after completion of SSC examination and exercised his articles in different newspaper along with his study. His profound attentive eagerness to the work from his childhood changed his workplace in tender age and he joined a national daily newspaper. His study and workplace are analogously continued. He has obtained higher degree in journalism from a private University.

He hurried towards different corners of country regularly to learn journalism.He formally initiated his full journalism for a national daily Dhaka report newspaper published from Dhaka. He is now performing his duty as executive editor of the newspaper to obtain promotion one after one with inspiration and spirit of work, great intension to the journalism. Musfiqur Rahman Subho with his youth power is daily leading team Dhaka Report towards advanceAt the same time he is still writing column in different public media of country. His written column has already been discussed much.

His some books of story and novels have already been released in market. His best favorite books among his books, his first book Megh Parir Bhalovasar Rasayan published from Alokbartika and Hadir Swapna published from Dhaka Report Publication.

Musfiqur Rahman Subho Said, My addiction and profession in writing and journalism is mixed with every blood veins. I shall continue till to being alive. It appears to me journalism is a mediatory fact for which, whole life is necessary and another ekmarsta is to do from my responsibility. I am doing job in this platform with a dream to create the employment opportunity of some people. I have found job of some peoples although it is within a little range which gives me immense pleasure.

BDPressRelease/ 19 September 2021/MM