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Mehedi left the country after Assault


Staff Repoter ::  MOHAMMAD MEHEDI HASAN, Founder and Managing Director of Startup Ezzyr Technologies and Innovadias Pvt. Limited, which is first ICANN (USA) accredited registrar in Bangladesh. He was bound to leave the self-country for the safe from attacking, torturing physically again & again & to save his life.

Chattro League and members of Juba League of the ruling party due to for not being able to pay the contribution, he was tortured physically. Also he has made a GD in Kalabagan, Dhaka police station in this regard.

MOHAMMAD MEHEDI HASAN, a resident of Dhaka Green Road, has shut down all businesses activities of his business Institution is being affected political revenge. He was known at the top of the ICT industry as an entrepreneur inside the Country.

MOHAMMAD MEHEDI HASAN, who is studied on Information Technology, he has built up a career in exporting business at the same time in the inside the Country. But now this entrepreneur leaves the country and he is living a helpless life. But a talented entrepreneur like him, on the stay in the country, creates a lot of work, can bring foreign currency.

MOHAMMAD MEHEDI HASAN said that, he left the country to save his life. As a result of physical harassment repeated, he had no anyway other than to make this decision. He is very worried about the safety of his life.

BDPressRelease/ 12 May  2022 /MM