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Nabila Rahman’s solo abstract art exhibition at Drik Gallary


Staff Repoter ::  Self-learned artist Nabila Rahman has expresses the inner dimension towards the transformation of Metahuman in her solo art exhibition underway at Drik Gallery in the city.The 5 days-long Abstract Art exhibition titled Silent Whisper Art began on Friday. The theme of Nabila Rahman’s art exhibition is “Discovering the Metanoia”. The exhibition will continue till 25 January 2022.

All of the art in this exhibition is about abstract and metaphors as it expresses the inner dimension towards the transformation of Metahuman. The exhibition is all about the journey of transforming into the conscious human to the Metahuman. At least 40 arts are selected for her first exhibition of Metanoia.

Artist Nabila Rahman said, “Metanoia is a Greek word. Meta means beyond and Noia means thought. Metanoia is a journey of transformation self/inner dimensions of mind, heart and soul, and the way of Life! Future humans are Metahumen those who are aware of what’s happening around them and what’s happening in their conscious and subconscious states. They are free from all subconscious darkness and human of clarity who can think beyond the established system, structure, culture, theory or anything beyond good/bad and brave enough to act accordingly beyond thoughts.”

Nabila Rahman is a self-learned artist. She started her Artist journey by doing several commissions works on demand. For painting – acrylics, oil, charcoal, and textures are her tools.Surprisingly, Nabila, an investor of a few restaurants of Bangladesh located at Gulshan, made almost 50 arts within 2.5 years, learning by herself.For details, you can follow her interesting Website & Facebook page at and

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BDPressRelease/ 24 January 2022 /MM