Follow us organizes special events for May Day

সেবা এক্সওয়াইজেড

Staff Repoter :: This May Day has organized special offer for their service providers. From 25th to 30th April, anyone who places order on app and uses the promo code IVALUEU, they will win their respective service providers a movie ticket at Balaka cinema hall. People from all over Dhaka city are encouraged to help the service providers win more movie tickets and place order on app using the promo.

Celebrating the upcoming May Day, has already organized a number of events in the social media which includes promoting Facebook posts with hashtag #IvalueU. is encouraging everyone to do something or gift something as a small token of gratitude and love to the hardworking people around them. It could be the bread earners of the family or the house maids or the tea stall owners or even the traffic police. Anyone who is following up the hashtag trend of Sheba is encouraged to post their story on Facebook so that more people can engaged in the movement seeing their stories and does the same for the hard working people around them.

Started in 2016, aims to provide urban lifestyle experience in Bangladesh. Not only does it promise to provide best household services, but an entirely new experience to their customers. Hence the company’s new brand tagline is, “Find people who love to serve”. Currently with 1700 service providers who have provided more than 75,000 jobs in last one year , aims to expand their services all over the country within this year and tell stories of people, love and delightful experiences. To know more about call anytime at 16516. Download from Google Play Store & Visit website:


BDPressRelease/SHS/24 April 2018