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iBOS is bringing newness in Software applications for small and medium businesses


Staff Repoter :: After starting the official journey last year, iBOS Limited, the software company of Akij Group, is currently working with business applications for the SME industry and big enterprise software. Let’s hear more about what this innovative software company is up to from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of iBOS, Sheikh Md Jayed Bin Rashid.

How the journey of iBOS started?

Akij Group’s software wing has been working on automation for more than a decade. But from February 2020, it started its official journey with the name iBOS Limited the plan of which came from Mr. Sheikh Jasim Uddin, our Honorable Director of Akij Group. Since his student life, he had an immense interest in the tech world and started forming a vision to come up with something to connect to that world. iBOS is simply a part of that vision.

What iBOS is currently working on?

We are working on developing easy ERP software solutions for SMEs along with our ERP software for large organizations. We’ve come up with some important software including VAT & Tax, billing, human resource management software, etc. But the most exceptional one we’ve got in our arsenal is the RTM software which is designed to make the marketing distribution and salesforce management system easier than ever for any organization. However, we are right now giving some special attention to our SME software.

What iBOS is thinking right now about small and medium enterprises?

We couldn’t help noticing the fear about automation prevailing among small and medium enterprises. So, we’ve made up our mind to help them in overcoming that and included that in our prime goals. To pull that off and make the whole thing a lot easier, we’ve included point of sales, sales order, order-based sales, approvable budget setup, sales target, inventory damage management, and many more special and latest features in our SME software. These features will turn this software simply into a game-changer for small and medium enterprises and will work as a complete solution for every stage of their business.

How iBOS’s SME solution is going to be beneficial for small and medium enterprises?

Usually, due to relatively high price and operational complexity, Small and Medium Enterprises get stuck in a dilemma while buying ERPs. So, we’ve come up with this lite version of a complete ERP solution within their budget to make their whole business process a lot more convenient.

This sector has already struggled enough since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. So, we think it’s high time to pay some special attention to it. That’s why we’ve set the price of our SME software low enough which hasn’t only made it affordable for them but will also save them from additional financial pressure. Besides, along with the one-time payment rule, we’re keeping the monthly subscription-based payment method open for them.

BDPressRelease/ 15 September 2021/MM