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Mobile Outfitters starts its journey in Bangladesh


Staff Repoter :: Mobile Outfitters (MO) launches its journey in Bangladesh to provide Mobile Clear-Coat, Fusion Bumper, Style Screen service for the smartphone user of the country.

Mobile Outfitters declared its official launching by participation at the three-day long Smartphone and Tab Expo (Summer) 2019 held at Bangabandhu International Convention Centre at Agargoan in the city on Thursday. Lavisho Lifestyle is the master licence holder of the Mobile Outfitters (MO) in Bangladesh.Co-founder of Lavisho Lifestyle A.K.M. Fazlur Rahman officially inaugurated the Mobile Outfitters at the first day of the three-day exposition.By using latest technology for any mobile device, Mobile Outfitters will provide 3600 Full Body Protection, Met and Anti Gear Protection, Mobile Bumper and Fusion Protector Solution for Mobile, Tab and others Gadgets and Gears.

Speaking at the launching event of the Mobile Outfitters in Bangladesh, Co-founder of Lavisho Lifestyle A.K.M. Fazlur Rahman said, Mobile Outfitters officially launched in Bangladesh to provide its services. Clear-Coat, Fusion Bumper and Style Screen are our top most three services and very popular across the world. Besides, Mobile Outfitters work with various problems of mobile phone user.

We hope that we will also being popular in Bangladesh with our services and products soon. Customers and smartphone users can experience about our product at our pavilion in the Smartphone and Tab Expo (Summer) 2019 during the exposition. We also offer special discount on all product at the expo, he added.
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BDPressRelease/ MM/23 July 2019