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Discounts on technology products during the 11.11 campaign


Staff Repoter :: The tech sector has gone on a buying binge thanks to Daraz’s 11.11 campaign during the previous few years. The most popular online marketplace in the nation, Daraz Bangladesh, has also provided numerous discounts and paybacks on technological products as part of this well-known promotion. Many people even put off purchasing the required and wanted technology devices after hearing about this promotion. You will have the opportunity to purchase the authorized product covered by this offer, regardless of the product’s price. However, video material—short movies, TikTok, Likee, reels, etc.—is currently the most in-demand type of content. There is a huge demand for high-resolution content if you plan to produce video content for social media. To achieve this, starting with action cameras, gimbals, or other necessary components, the iconic Daraz 11.11 campaign may easily satisfy the shopping needs by exploiting this unique opportunity to obtain the client’s desired goods at a significantly lower price range. Customers will receive a significant discount on a variety of products covered by the 11.11 campaign when the massive campaign, which will run through November 21, opens before supplies run out.

Zhiyun: Zhiyun, a technological company, is well-known throughout the world for its cutting-edge equipment for those who make video content. There is a significant market for Zhiyun items in Bangladesh as well. Zhiyun provides discounts of up to 40% on its Zhiyun Light, Camera Gimbal, Mobile Gimbal, Crane Standard, and Combo Package at the iconic Daraz’s 11.11 campaign. Technology retailer Zhiyun Bangladesh sells authenticated goods of high caliber at competitive prices at its flagship location in Daraz. If you purchase the brand’s goods from the Zhiyun flagship store at Daraz, you will receive a 1-year warranty on each item. In addition, to receive after-sales support for the authorized products, one must make sure that the original Zhiyun products have a Smart Technologies label. Visit Zhiyun Bangladesh’s flagship store at Daraz to place an order online:

DJI: DJI goods are trendy, innovative, and high-quality. The mobile, camera gimbal, crane, action camera, pocket camera/pocket creator combo, and standard pack from DJI are popular purchases among us. The DJI product is the best option for those who prioritize product quality over price and disregard their budget. Starting today, Daraz’s 11.11 campaign will discount DJI items by up to 40%. YouTube or multimedia content producers might benefit from this chance to purchase DJI goods at steep discounts with an EMI option. Visit the DJI Bangladesh official Daraz Store (DJI Flagship Store) online ( to place an order.

Insta360: The Insta360 camera brings something new to video footage. Those who enjoy taking images will find this action camera to be distinctive. The Insta360 flagship store in Daraz sells Insta360 action cameras as well as other camera gear. In addition to the Insta360 Go2 and Insta360 OneX 2 action cameras, the Insta360 flagship store at Daraz offers a variety of camera-related accessories, including bags, selfie sticks, batteries, lenses, tripod, clips, and chargers. The 11.11 campaign provides discounts of up to 40% on all products from Insta360. Therefore, people who wish or intend to purchase Insta360 products may utilize this opportunity. Visit the official Insta360 Bangladesh Daraz Store (Insta Flagship Store) online to place an order:

BDPressRelease/ 11 November 2022 /MM