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Specialized Telemedicine Launched by AMZ Hospital and Hello Doctor Asia

Staff Repoter ::  AMZ Hospital launched specialized telemedicine video consultation services for ‘COVID-19’ and other patients. AMZ Hospital Ltd is a Dhaka based multi-disciplinary tertiary care hospital and currently providing dedicated services to ‘COVID-19’ patients. The hospital is providing video consultation services to ‘COVID-19’ patients by experienced physicians who are directly engaged for ‘COVID-19’ patient’s management. Apart from this, a group of renowned specialist physicians are providing telemedicine video consultation services. ‘Hello Doctor Asia’ a leading Telemedicine technology provider is partnering with AMZ Hospital for implementing ‘AMZ Specialized Telemedicine Services’.

The certain clinical symptoms ranges from mild to moderate ‘COVID-19’ patients who have no other comorbidities like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and age related health problems can be treated primarily at home through telemedicine under the supervision of experienced physician. Based on the patient’s clinical conditions the patient can be transferred to hospital as and when required. A team of 20 experienced physicians who are directly manage ‘COVID-19’ patients at hospital are providing Telemedicine Video Consultation services. Any individual can take the service in 24/7 by taking early online appointment.

Due to ‘COVID-19’ context, a number of patients are not visiting doctor chamber and now they can easily take Video consultation services from reputed physicians of different specialty like, Medicine, Gynecologist, Pediatrics, Diabetics, Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Surgery, etc from 10 am – 10 pm every day.

Any individual can take ‘Specialized Telemedicine Service’ through ‘Hello Doctor Asia’ mobile application by download from link. A dedicated helpline 01708500125 is available for booking the schedule for video consultation with specialist physician.

Operations Manager Dr. Sal Salma Nujhat, AMZ Hospital Ltd stated that in ‘COVID-19’ pandemic situation the ‘COVID-19’ or suspected patients are in mental pressure. Many of them are become panic due to lack of proper clinical advice. Considering the risk, many people are not able to get specialists physician consultations for other health problems. Considering the facts, AMZ Hospital started Specialized Telemedicine Video Consultation services. Any individual throughout the country can receive the specialist’s consultations for ‘COVID-19’ or other health problems.

Md. Fakhrul Hasan, Chief Operating Officer, HelloDoctor.Asia and Md. Zulfikar Ali Babul, Managing Director AMZ Hospital stated that Specialized Telemedicine Video Consultation is a timely initiative considering the current context. We are very happy to become united for initiating this services for the nation.

BDPressRelease/ MM /10 August 2020