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VENUE is with you in wedding and corporate arrangements

বিয়ে অথবা কর্পোরেট আয়োজনে আপনার সঙ্গী ভেন্যু ডটকম

Staff Repoter :: In our country according to our culture maximum people go to the imagination world that full of so much noise, chilling by singing, dancing, make up, dressing and most preferable food with many dishes. Even though we went to a wedding program before a week and ate as a foodie with a happy mind, we are not satisfied.We think, Ah! How many days have passed we have not any invitation for any wedding ceremony.

Though all the year round wedding and the other special arrangements are common in our country but we prefer most the winter season for any special arrangements. For This reason, in this time period almost maximum community centers or convention halls become very busy with these arrangements, specially wedding program.In rural area many there are enough place to arrange their program, but in urban areas, there is no alternative choice without the community centers or convention halls etc.

In the urban areas along with community centers of newly developedcity corporations and private ownership, some high quality restaurants are very popular for the arrangements.Nevertheless, with the rising population In our country including our capital city there is not enough venue to beat the pressure of event managements.That’s why we have to book the community centers and halls 3 or 4 month ago of the program.

As we are concern about booking the place before 3/4 month for catching the event timely it is quite impossible to find out suitable place according to our demand. On the otherhand, it is not only duty,we have to ensure a good,classy caterer, decorator for a standard decoration, lighting, photographer for photography, make-up artist, mehedi artist, car decorator, flower supplier, wedding planner and event management. There is no other option to avoid all these things. Traffic jam hasreached in a stage which we are all known with. In this situation an unknown city can make a man confused and imbalanced. Even a superman will be stumbled, who knows!

But how much patience, hardwork and time is to pay by a person to arrange all these things as a featherless earth bird,he or she can realize the pain. To get relief from every pressure and tension of these,an IT firm called “CLOUD NEXT GENERATION LIMITED” with the motto “your friend of your management”, have built a web platform named that will serve you every information of event venue and vendors as a data station.

The CEO of Golzar Ahmed has said, “You are unable to know about every venue vendor in an area, and this is too normal.In these case The’s web site will provide the right venue,seating, budget and other many variable ideas with the demand of venue or info about venders with their profile by searching.So the customer will be able to select and fixed everything according their choice by visiting profiles of service providers.Though people are doubtful still now about online service by browsing the sites,we are working at this point that they can trust the given data on the profile of vendors.And when we can make them reliable to the customer then they will accept us by their belief and love.

We wish we will get our goal exactly.” He has also said, “At the 1st stage we were working at DHAKA,CHITTAGONG,SYLHET with almost all the information of restaurants,event venues, vendors,community centers, halls but we are coming with the same job at all district in our country according to demand and budget very soon.” As now Bangladesh is a developing country, it is our dream to make our country visible in the world as “Digital Bangladesh” and it is the motive of

BDPressRelease/SHS/10 August 2018